Certification process

  • Registration
    • Registration as a user via email (user-registration@steel-sustainability.org).
    • The company should register each centre for which the MARK is requested separately.
  • Application
    • The company must present an application for each centre where it wants the MARK to be awarded
    • The online application includes the following information and documents:
      • General information questionnaire about the centre, to be filled in online at the website itself (mandatory).
      • KPIs Assessment Questionnaire that can be downloaded from the website itself (mandatory).
      • Additional information and documentation (optional)
  • Verification
    • Verification by third parties shall consist of a review by a body authorized by the ESSCPC of fulfillment of the MARK requirements.
  • Confidential report
    • The auditors shall prepare a confidential report with the conclusions of the verification.
    • The report shall be sent to the Sustainability Advising Commission of the ESSCPC for the decision-making process concerning the award of the MARK.
  •  Advising Commission Decision
    • The Sustainability Advising Commissions shall study the verification report and shall decide whether to award the MARK or not


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