EUROFER is the European Steel Association, founded in 1976, and located in Brussels. Its members are steel companies and national steel federations throughout the European Union.

The objectives of EUROFER are the co-operation amongst the national federations and companies in all matters that contribute to the development of the European steel industry, and the representation of the common interests of its members vis-à-vis third parties, notably the European institutions and other international organisations.

The EUROFER Sustainability for Steel Construction Products Committee (ESSCPC) is set up as a EUROFER Committee with the aim to coordinate, represent, manage, develop, promote and defend the legitimate interests of its members, within the framework of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

In order to fulfill its aims, the ESSCPC may carry out, among others, the following activities:

  • Develop, manage and promote private marks and certification systems related to sustainability and corporate responsibility within the steel construction products sector.
  • Set up the basis from which the steel construction products sector can work together to defend the concept of sustainability in its different meanings, in relation to CSR responsibility.
  • Promote the concept of sustainability in the steel construction products sector.

The ESSCPC is set up in order to develop, manage and promote a private and voluntary mark (the Mark), based on an independent third party certification scheme, within the frame of sustainability and corporate responsibility of its members, in the field of steel construction products, and in order to be valued by users and other interested parties such as the European institutions.

The mark shall be granted to companies producing steel products for the construction sector complying with the defined requirements for the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability.

These requirements are described in the following documents:

  • Sustainability for Steel Construction Products Mark — General Regulations.
  • Sustainability for Steel Construction Products Mark — Specific Regulations for Requesting and Verification.
  • Sustainability for Steel Construction Products Mark — Technical Requirements of the Sustainability Management System.
  • Sustainability for Steel Construction Products Mark — Definition of the KPI System.

The purpose of this website is the management of the Mark to reduce the bureaucratic load.

The website has the following operations:

  • Organisation registry. The organisations that wish to access the Mark must request registration.
  • Download support documents.
  • Download KPIs Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Presentation of assessment request. Organisations can facilitate the necessary data and support documents to the authorised body for assessment in advance (such as authorisations, certificates, inspection results, etc) so that field work of the authorised body can be kept to a minimum.
  • Public registry of organisations with rights to use of the Mark.


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